Firstmate Coaching Exercises

Firstmate's mission is to make coaching affordable and accessible to everyone. As such, the Firstmate Coaching Team has created a series of free exercises to help you develop greater self-awareness and make important decisions in your life. To take the next step, sign-up for Firstmate and work with your own personal life coach to create the changes you wish to see.


Guided Self-Refelction

The Firstmate team has created a guided self-reflection exercise to help you figure out where you are and where you want to go. 

Self-reflection is an important tool for growth. We recommend doing a self-reflection exercise at least once every few months. You'll learn more about yourself and is great if you feel stuck but aren't sure how to proceed

(Approximately 25min)


Can I Ghost U? 

Ending relationships can be hard. Ghosting has become the easy default way say or rather not say it's over. There is a better way. 

Whether you've been on one date or been dating for years, find out if it is OK to ghost. If it's not, we'll provide scripts for how to end the relationship with care. 


love decision maker

Making decisions when it comes to our romantic lives are some of the hardest decisions we face. We've developed a framework to help you work through any decision your facing when it comes to romance. 

Whether you need some perspective, are feeling stuck, or are torn, love decision maker will help you figure out what to do.